Sunday, September 13, 2009

By popular request - Pictures

Chelsea with her class on a field trip to our greenhouse

Chelsea swimming with her cousin

Chelsea blowing out the candles on her birthday cake

Chelsea with her dad, step-mom, and siblings


Cheri said...

Chelsea is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

TUC said...

Yay! Thank you for showing her off!

Maria said...

Chelsea is beautiful. I'm so sorry you are miserable. I know raising a child can be so hard and now you have to raise your grand child and that stinks.

I really wish you would think about adoption. Adoption would give you the out you want and Chelsea would be appreciated and valued. Please think about adoption.

firemom31 said...

Maria, would you give up one of your children, no matter how much grief they caused you? I doubt it. I would definately consider group home placement or even foster care, but to adopt her out would be to never see her again, and that would be much more painful than anything we are going through now. In spite of all of this, I love her very much.

Maria said...

No, I wouldn't put my child up for adoption but for that matter group homes scare too because a lot of abuse happens.

firemom31 said...

The group home we are on the list for is located where I can stop in daily. I also know many of the people who work there, so I think it is the best option. She would be with her peers, under supervision, and I can still spend time with her and assure her safety. Wouldn't you agree that that is a better option than adoption?